Complete access to a wide range of geniuine and original parts to fit all General Motors

Partsworld Limited are very pleased to be able to offer access to the complete range of genuine and original parts as fitted to all General Motors, Vauxhall and Opel vehicles worldwide. With the rising costs of manufacturing we give you the access to Vauxhall’s vast array of parts bins to help complete your project, or reduce the cost of manufacturing by utilising components that have already been developed, manufactured and tested.

Whether you are building a Car, Boat or a Plane, Here are PartsWorld Ltd we have the ability to supply you with the parts you need. The components and assemblies we supply really do have a vast breadth of applications, the extensive product range includes but isn’t limited to :-
• Engines I/C Petrol & Diesel
• Powertrain Components
• Fuel Tanks, Lines, Pump and Senders
• Steering and Suspension
• Braking Components and Friction Materials
• Electrical Units
• HVAC Modules, Heater Boxes, Air Conditioning Units, Vents and Ducting
• Interior Fitting Equipment, Glove boxes and door handles.
• Seats and ancillaries
• Standard Fit Accessories – from door lock mechanisms and handbrakes
• Vehicle Accessories – Tow bars; Floor mats; Seat covers and Roof bars / racksThe above is just a brief outline of the product groups we source parts from; we would welcome requests and enquiries outside of these groups.

If you would like to find out more about the OE Parts Programme and the services we offer, please contact us with a brief outline of your requirements.

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